Hormones and the immune system
Modulation of the immune system by pregnancy (immunology of pregnancy); immunology of pregnancy losses and of recurrent implantation failures
Fertility in autoimmune diseases; assisted reproduction techniques; contraception
Interaction between pregnancy and disease activity in autoimmune rheumatic diseases
Drug management during pregnancy and lactation (pain medications; conventional and biologic immunosuppressive drugs; anticoagulant/antiaggregant drugs; prophylactic and adjunct treatment)
Ultrasound monitoring during high-risk pregnancy (including anti Ro/SS-A antibodies carriers)
The impact of autoantibodies on fetal health and biomarkers of adverse pregnancy outcome
Delivery mode and obstetric outcome in rheumatic diseases; the post-partum period
Counselling and practical advices before and during pregnancy and regarding parenthood
Vaccinations in the pregnant patient and in the infant
The health and neurodevelopmental conditions of offspring born to women with autoimmune rheumatic diseases
Reproduction in male patients with rheumatic diseases
Nutrition and microbiome in pregnant women with autoimmune diseases
Pregnancy Registries; Consensus Guidelines between Rheumatology and Obstetrics Scientific Societies
“Health professional” aspects of pregnancy in patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases (dedicated to midwifes, nurses, lactation consultants, etc.)